We pray for the homeless, they have no place

They wander helpless, in need of some space

We pray for the sick, may their suffering cease

Put aching hearts & restless souls at ease

We pray for world peace, that everyone may unite,

For body counts prove that no one wins the fight

We pray for victims of circumstance, innocent prey

Hear their cries for justice, let them have their day


Be thankful for the autumn leaves

Whose earthy colors bring life to our trees

For the laughter of children shrieking with joy

At the sight of a pumpkin, nature’s own toy

For the gathering now of the people we love

For the time we’ve shared with those now above

For the mystery that tomorrow will hold

For the memories of yesterday now being told!

Published by reporterboop

I am a wife, mother and breast cancer survivor. I enjoy writing, cooking, hiking, and basically anything that makes my life easier and helps me to become a better person - physically and emotionally.

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